Trucker Appreciation Week: What does appreciation actually look like?

Truckers are the backbone of American Industry

Every year at this time, the commercial transportation industry celebrates Trucker Appreciation Week. Gas stations, apps and baseball teams honor truckers with deals and discounts. America is a huge country that relies on truckers to make the economy run, though many Americans might not be aware of it.

Especially in the technological 21st century with Amazon and same-day-delivery, the transportation industry holds up the most important pieces of our economic puzzle. Without truckers, our food, fuel, cars and mail would be stuck.

There isn’t a harder working people than truckers, and maybe because we so frequently see them on the roads of our cities we feel like we’ve acknowledged what they do. But it’s simply not true, or at least not enough.

And while discounts and deals are much appreciated, we wanted to know: what would actually make a trucker feel appreciated? So we asked some car haulers that the local Manheim.

Are you a trucker? What do you wish the rest of America knew about you or your profession?

And what would make you actually feel appreciated during Trucker Appreciation week?

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