Super Dispatch expands: the first end-to-end car shipping platform

A seamless connection throughout car shipping industry

Carriers and Shippers both want the same thing – to successfully and efficiently transport cars. In auto transport, it’s easy to waste valuable time on paperwork and ineffective communication due to inefficient technologies and softwares. Until today, there has not been a single transportation management system (TMS) and marketplace for Carriers, Brokers, and Shippers to securely and quickly ship a car from beginning to end.

“The new car shipping platform will continue to connect the fragmented auto transport industry, and introduce a new way to move cars for companies in this industry”

This is why Super Dispatch is excited to announce that we’ve answered that call as the first end-to-end car shipping platform in the auto transportation industry.

Super Dispatch’s comprehensive platform will be equipped with our existing Carrier TMS along with the introduction of the Shipper TMS with both systems connecting to our brand new marketplace – Super Loadboard. We created this TMS and marketplace to help give back valuable time, which can inherently drive profits and finally free your team to grow your business.

“The new car shipping platform will continue to connect the fragmented auto transport industry, and introduce a new way to move cars for companies in this industry,” says our CEO Bek Abdullayev.

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Super Dispatch launches the first independent end-to-end load board and transportation management system for carriers, shippers, brokers in auto transport


Super Dispatch’s new Shipper TMS and Super Loadboard

The Shipper TMS launches today adding the last puzzle piece to the Super Dispatch end-to-end platform. Designed to move information quickly and smoothly, Shipper TMS directly connects Shippers to the Super Loadboard and Carriers. Both our Shipper TMS and Super Loadboard are already up and running connecting Shippers and Carriers today.

Shippers and Carriers deserve a continuous connection and a way to move cars for companies in this industry that makes their business more successful and a better experience for their customers.

As Shipper TMS has already been utilized by existing users, early adoptees have been able to leverage the platform to make significant business improvements. For example, Shippers can now be open for business 24/7 with our Shipper TMS keeping everything moving, even through the weekend. In their short time leveraging the Super Dispatch platform, brokerages love that they can see which carriers run which lanes and the professional bill of ladings. One Shipper recently reported that they have been able to reduce transport times from 9 to 3 days using the load posting and offer process in the Shipper TMS/Loadboard.

It’s no secret that the auto transport industry is fragmented. Shippers and Carriers deserve a continuous connection and a way to move cars for companies in this industry that makes their business more successful and a better experience for their customers. It’s no longer just about eliminating paperwork – it’s about how we can best serve Shippers and Carriers by connecting the entire auto industry.


Carriers can get started with a request of a demo or start a free trial of the Carrier TMS product today.

Shippers can request product demos for more information or get connected with one of our specialists now.


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Big Product Updates from Super Dispatch

2018 was a big year for Super Dispatch

1.5 million vehicles were moved using Super Dispatch’s Carrier Transportation Management System. Our team grew from 20 people to 50 people. We moved offices and released new products. 2019 has shaped up to be even bigger. We released the Super Dispatch Hours of Service / Electronic Logging Device. We are on course for our customers to move double the amount of cars that they did in 2018. And now we are working on the Broker Transportation Management System.

Broker Transportation Management System

Indirectly, we have served hundreds of brokers with our Carrier TMS. Now that our Carrier TMS is one of the best in the industry, we want to continue to unite our fragmented industry by making a completely compatible TMS for brokers.

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Super Dispatch hires experienced Chief Operating Officer for Growing Kansas City Team

Super Dispatch announced today that experienced startup executive Ben Hubbard has joined their team as Chief Operating Officer.

Hubbard has worked at the cloud­ based companies, Rackspace, Cratejoy and
VidGrid. Hubbard is most known in the business community for his 12 years at He was employee #5 at, a B2B company grew to $10mm in
annual revenue under his watch. After Rackspace acquired, Hubbard’s role grew to
include all operational aspects of his department.

At Super Dispatch, Hubbard will oversee operations for Growth initiatives, Customer Success,
Finance, and HR. His experience bringing structure and processes to growing companies is the
primary reason he was courted for an Executive role at Super Dispatch.

“The timing could not be better for Ben to join our growing team as employee #50,” Abdullayev
said of Hubbard. “We’ve hit an inflection point at Super Dispatch that puts us on track to
complete a mission of modernizing an industry stuck in the dark ages… Ben is a startup and
enterprise veteran. His experience spans from building a company in a garage, scaling B2B
SaaS, going through a successful acquisition, and thriving at an enterprise level organization.
He’s one of the few people I’ve met who’ve successfully applied their skills to building and
scaling multiple startups.”

In the last year, Super Dispatch has nearly doubled in size ­both in revenue and new employee

There are now two global offices and a distributed team that spans five countries.
Abdullayev thinks the transportation market is ripe for disruption and sees an opportunity to
move faster in bringing new technology to this space.

“In the past, Ben has owned functions like revenue, recruiting, and HR,” Abdullayev said. “He
brings a wealth of knowledge, and not only will help us grow, but will help us grow in the right

After his career at and Rackspace, Ben joined another startup called Cratejoy. There
he ran business operations for 2 1⁄2 years, while the subscription customer base increased 7 fold.
Hubbard had finished his role as COO at VidGrid when Super Dispatch reached out about the

“I had a few options, but the opportunity at Super Dispatch was the most exciting because it is a
fast moving company that is bringing technology to the auto transport space, where it is long
overdue and this creates a great opportunity to do something special.”

“When I interviewed at Super Dispatch, I got really excited and just felt like I belonged when I
met folks on the team. Every one of them seemed like they genuinely cared and were
enthusiastic about helping our customers solve major issues. Customers love the products, and
that’s tremendously important.” Hubbard said of Super Dispatch. Hubbard sees a lot of opportunity for further growth of Super Dispatch.

Super Dispatch is taking off. They have things figured out from an engineering and software
standpoint, but they are continuing to bring on new customers at a rate that they could tell was
going to strain their sales, support, accounting, and other business operational teams. My job is
to remove obstacles to unconstrained growth.”

Hubbard also enjoyed Super Dispatch’s home of Kansas City, MO.

“When I came to visit the team here in Kansas City, it was a wet, snowy, and rainy day, and still I
could feel the awesome vibe of the city. People were out and there was a buzz of activity, even
on a random Tuesday night when the weather was foul,” Hubbard said.

“I’ve heard that Kansas City has boomed a lot in the past decade, and that’s part of what drew me
as well. It’s happening, it’s exciting, and whether it’s colleges and universities, established
businesses growing, or new businesses emerging, things are happening in Kansas City, and that
makes it something special and fun to be a part of.”

Hubbard’s first order of operations will be to assess the current state of business, prioritize
opportunities, and help execute the mission of delivering an end­ to ­end platform for vehicle
shipping in the U.S and around the world.