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Super Dispatch expands: the first end-to-end car shipping platform

A seamless connection throughout car shipping industry Carriers and Shippers both want the same thing – to successfully and efficiently transport cars. In auto transport, it’s easy to waste valuable time on paperwork and ineffective communication due to inefficient technologies and softwares. Until today, there has not been a single transportation management system (TMS) and […]

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How to do Preventative Maintenance in Trucking

A truck breakdown is every owner operators worst nightmare. The fear of hundreds of dollars in towing charges (on top of inflated repair prices!) is enough to keep any owner operator up at night. But low profit margins and a slow market makes it challenging to put money away into an emergency repair fund. With […]


Big Product Updates from Super Dispatch

2018 was a big year for Super Dispatch 1.5 million vehicles were moved using Super Dispatch’s Carrier Transportation Management System. Our team grew from 20 people to 50 people. We moved offices and released new products. 2019 has shaped up to be even bigger. We released the Super Dispatch Hours of Service / Electronic Logging […]

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Load board system in auto transport: blessing or curse?

For many small brokers, load boards are the lifeline that connects their company to auto transporters. Load boards are essential for business in the 21st century and more load boards are popping up every day, with more and more “smart” features and benefits. Some load boards can even serve as an auto transport broker software […]

Super Dispatch hires experienced Chief Operating Officer for Growing Kansas City Team

Super Dispatch announced today that experienced startup executive Ben Hubbard has joined their team as Chief Operating Officer. Hubbard has worked at the cloud­ based companies, Rackspace, Cratejoy and VidGrid. Hubbard is most known in the business community for his 12 years at He was employee #5 at, a B2B company grew […]

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Car transport made easy with X2 Transportation

  Reg Bravo retired and then decided to start an auto transport company, because there is “only so much fishing a man can do.” Before transporting cars, Reg was the CEO of knf Technologies. Prior to that, he worked in a variety of sales, business and management roles. And long before that, he was in […]