How We Got Started

My name is Bek Abdullayev and I started Super Dispatch in 2013 to help my colleagues, customers and friends in the vehicle shipping industry. Prior to 2013 I built the largest and most successful dispatching service in auto transport. We helped owner-operators and small fleets keep their trucks full, get paid fast, stay compliant, keep drivers happy and handle all the paperwork. We had an incredibly talented team who understood the challenges of the car hauling industry and worked hard for our customers. We loved our jobs and the carriers we worked with.

Car hauling is a tough industry and by 2013 we faced many of the same challenges as our carrier customers. We did our best to help our car haulers, but the trucks were still running late, the phones wouldn’t stop ringing, everyone was buried in paperwork, payments were delayed, and it was hard for everyone to know what was happening at any given time. I had a hard time accepting this reality and I wanted to understand the root of the problem.

Understanding the life of a car hauler.

In the spring of 2013 I started riding along with car haulers. I spent several weeks riding with various drivers to learn about life on the road. To learn about challenges drivers faced, on a daily basis. To see the loading operation from origin to destination. To meet the customers in person and shake their hands. To stay in motels and eat the food at truck stops. To be stranded on the side of the road with mechanical issues. To be yelled at by an angry customer. To chase a fax machine to send a BOL so that we can get paid. To see how the other dispatchers and billing people were handling the mountains of paperwork. To spend three hours at a Manheim looking for just one car. To try to get an inoperable unit on a trailer. To sleep in the cab of a truck. To pull all-nighters to meet a deadline (long before the ELD mandate.)

Out-dated technology was the problem.

This was an eye-opening experience for me. I felt the pain of the carriers, shippers, brokers and everyone else involved in the industry. Our industry was moving tens of millions of cars yearly and we had no good tools for communication, tracking, visibility, inspections, status updates, billing and invoicing. The rest of the world was on the 4th generation of iPhones and advanced cloud technologies, but we were still stuck in the dark ages. We were constantly on the phone trying to figure out what’s happening. We were getting paid late because we didn’t have the proof of delivery in hand. We were hit with damage claims, even when we didn’t cause it – we were still liable. Our systems did not talk to each other. All we had were pieces of paper and a phone, maybe a spreadsheet or an old school TMS if we were lucky. That is not how a sophisticated logistics operation should operate in the 21st century. At this pace, we were all in trouble if we didn’t build technology to make it easier for carriers, shippers and brokers to ship cars.

Embraced by our car hauling customers.

That’s how Super Dispatch was born, from the pain and challenges of car haulers. We took the name Super Dispatch after the nickname I was given in the early days by my carrier customers. They called me Super Dispatcher because I was there for them and they always made more money, came home regularly and drove stress free while working with me and my team.

Now, a complete solution.

Today Super Dispatch is a technology company that was built by people who understand the business and challenges of moving cars. We provide a complete vehicle shipping platform for carriers, shippers, and brokers. We are so fortunate the industry embraced Super Dispatch’s technology and made us the #1 platform for vehicle shipping. We are a privately owned, independent company and we continue to be committed to making it easier to ship cars. We truly hope the customers we serve continue to support us building modern, state-of-the-art technology that helps them build a successful business.