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How a car transport broker can help a shipper

At times, brokers and carriers can seem to be at odds, vying for the loads of shipper customers in the auto transport industry. But at Super Dispatch, we think the entire car shipping industry is based on great communication – especially between carriers and brokers. Despite protests from some carriers, brokers provide a necessary service […]

Auto Transport Load Boards

Auto Transport Load Board List for Car Haulers

Your Auto Transport Load Board Search Ends Here – Now updated for 2019 The landscape for load boards has changed a lot in the last 3 years. Now we have updated this great piece with relevant info for 2019. Each day, thousands of auto transport company owners, drivers, dispatchers search the internet for new loads to […]

4 Metrics you need brokerage business Super Dispatch Auto Transport

4 Data metrics You Need to be a Successful Auto Transport Broker

How to set yourself apart from other auto transport brokers In the auto transport industry, brokers can sometimes be a dime a dozen. How can you set yourself apart and build a customer base? Likely you will need to prove your are quicker and safer than other brokers, with access to more carriers who also […]

preventative maintenance auto transport

How to do Preventative Maintenance in Trucking

A truck breakdown is every owner operators worst nightmare. The fear of hundreds of dollars in towing charges (on top of inflated repair prices!) is enough to keep any owner operator up at night. But low profit margins and a slow market makes it challenging to put money away into an emergency repair fund. With […]

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Car transport made easy with X2 Transportation

  Reg Bravo retired and then decided to start an auto transport company, because there is “only so much fishing a man can do.” Before transporting cars, Reg was the CEO of knf Technologies. Prior to that, he worked in a variety of sales, business and management roles. And long before that, he was in […]

Tracking expenses and calculating operating costs when starting in car hauling

New owner operators may feel overwhelmed with the task of running their business and this can lead to making mistakes when managing finances. To many, it can feel like a rite of passage to have more month left at the end of the money, wondering where it all went. That is because one of the […]

How to Handle a Carrier – Broker Relationship in Car Transport

Tom Stec of Fury Transport is a Super Dispatch customer and occasional blog contributor. When I started my career as a car hauler I learned a valuable lesson about how to handle damage claims. After delivering a vehicle, the dealer found damage to the undercarriage. The broker notified me about the damages and my initial […]

bill of lading for car haulers. Super Dispatch

How important is a good inspection for car haulers?

How many times has your car hauling business encountered a false damage claim? Any car hauler can recall an insurance battle with a customer over false damage claims. You might have learned that a good Bill of Lading for car haulers is the difference between making money or losing money. That’s why Super Dispatch started […]

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TOP 8 things car haulers need to know before getting insurance

Your insurance is as important as buying or financing your truck and trailer, like we covered in our last posts. Because car hauling insurance can differ greatly from traditional truck insurance, Super Dispatch found an expert to help explain the process. Brian Riker owns Fleet Compliance Solutions, which is a trucking consultancy that specializes in […]

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Trucks and Trailers: financing as an Owner Operator

Financing your Car Hauler Dreams If you just decided to make the jump into your own operating authority, you know money is a primary hurdle. Specifically, finding out where to get it. You might’ve scrounged up the money for a CDL, training and testing. Now you can take the extra thousands you have laying around […]