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Auto Transport Load Board List for Car Haulers

Your Auto Transport Load Board Search Ends Here – Now updated for 2019 The landscape for load boards has changed a lot in the last 3 years. Now we have updated this great piece with relevant info for 2019. Each day, thousands of auto transport company owners, drivers, dispatchers search the internet for new loads to […]

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Load board system in auto transport: blessing or curse?

For many small brokers, load boards are the lifeline that connects their company to auto transporters. Load boards are essential for business in the 21st century and more load boards are popping up every day, with more and more “smart” features and benefits. Some load boards can even serve as an auto transport broker software […]

What is a transportation management system?

WHAT IS A TMS? A Transportation Management System is a business software for anyone in the transportation logistics space. Also known as: Car hauling software Auto transport software Car hauler automation software Auto carrier software Auto transport broker software Auto transport technology All of these names are essentially the same thing; technology to simplify moving […]

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The Good and the Bad About Paid and Free Load Boards

According to Owner Operators – how load boards make our lives easier and harder This is the first part in a series about how the paid and free load board system affects carriers, brokers and dealers. Load boards are what make the world go round for most owner operator car haulers, especially new ones. As […]

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Conversations at Manheim Kansas City

To stay close to our customers and the car hauling industry in general, Super Dispatch regularly steps out of the office to ask people what they think: about our product, about the industry, or about anything that is topical for the people we create our product for. This week at Manheim Kansas City, we spoke […]

A Guide to Shipping a Vehicle: a shipper’s perspective.

Not so long ago, I was reading car hauling-related blogs on Medium, and came across “A Guide to Shipping a Vehicle” by Brenden Mulligan. He described his first experience ever shipping a vehicle across the country. And it was not great. He starts: “I recently shipped a car across the country for the first time. […]

Understanding the car hauling industry

So you want to be a car hauler. You have looked at different parts of the trucking industry, you might even have your CDL. But you have settled on hauling cars: maybe because it’s profitable or because car hauling has the least red tape. It is a hard niche to get established in. But it […]

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Industry Concentration: the forgotten car carrier problem

A lot of power in the hands of a few Between 17,000 franchised American car dealerships, around 35,000 car carriers and an endless supply of brokers, the auto hauling industry is robust and fragmented. Though industry fragmentation is a commonly cited problem, industry concentration is just as pervasive. In fact, a lot of the industry […]

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So Many Broker Apps, So Little Time [To Comply]

  Charles Jones of Alpha Elite Transportation LLC talks about using Broker Apps. Charles Jones is not wrong: it seems many large Brokers are contributing their own eBOL app to the ever-expanding pool of “Broker Apps.” What are Broker Apps? These electronic Bills of Lading apps perform the traditional electronic Proof of Delivery (with inspection […]

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The Ultimate Guide to ELD and Hours of Service

Super Dispatch has been writing about the ELD mandate for over a year now to help our customers prepare. But now as the ELD mandate has officially been enacted, we took the time to dig deep into the regulations. Now we have all the information you need to know about the Electronic Logging Device Mandate […]